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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Five reasons why Lunar New Year is better than Xmas:

Five reasons why Lunar New Year is better than Xmas:
1. You receive only one type of present from everyone- $$$, and with it, you can buy your own present, instead of the crappy stuffs you received over Xmas.

2. You can save $$$ and recycle your unwanted chocolates received over Xmas to treat your guests. If you have none left, feel free to tabao some from the places you visited and offer at your house.

3. Twelve days of Christmas celebration is long, but Spring Festival lasts 15 days- 3 more days to feast and gamble.

4. "Merry Christmas" and "Peace on Earth" are no match for more practical and auspicious greetings of Prosperity and Good health.

5. Only those homes visited by God of Fortune at the beginning of the year will have enough $$$ for good ol Santa to work his magic in December. Where you think Santa's budget comes from?

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