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Monday, 27 January 2014

Life’s ups and downs

At school, we were taught to sing ‘Stand Up for Singapore’, but were ordered by the teachers to sit down and pipe down.

At home, we were encouraged to hook up the broadband and surf up to enrich ourselves, but cost-saving parents will tell us to power down and lie down.

On the ground, we were told to speak up for the downtrodden but online vigilantes were reminded to calm down and not get easily fed up.

In life, we should live up to the Swiss way of life, but when costs are up in this economic downturn, some will downgrade while others move Down Under.

While this is not a downright uplifting piece, please don’t be downcast or upset. With our sleeves rolled up, let’s remain upbeat because I’m sure eventually, things will look up. :)

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