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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Six signs that you are in an old shopping mall in Singapore

1. The information counter is still located at the ground floor and manned by the senior citizen security guard who is watching TV half the time.

2. Toilets are accessible without walking through 100m of labyrinth passageway and clearly marked with universally recognised MEN and WOMEN stick figures and not some arty-farty pop-art icons that you need 5mins to decipher.

3. The electronic and music shop still sells VHS video recorder and cassette tapes respectively.

4. You will need to do a grand tour of the entire car park looking for an empty lot without the help of the overhead light indicator, and when you find one, you discover that it is smaller than the one you practiced at the driving school.

5. The shop tenants have names ending with 'Enterprise' or 'Trading' and have sold different products in the past years cashing in on the latest fads like bubble-tea and phone accessories.

6. There's always that one shop with CLEARANCE SALE as its signboard for the past few years and its boss looks suspiciously like he also owns the another unit close by with the name of REMOVAL SALE.

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