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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Life's little ironies

1. Hair

One can never use the amount of hair (or a total lack) on any body parts like armpits, legs and above lip, as an indication of the gender of the person. I've been wrong on more occasions than I can remember.  Men have follicle freedom from sexy bald head, manly 5-o'clock shadow or stubble to handle-bar award winning mustache and beard. But for women, there are only two categories: groomed or lazy.

2. Work

You don't mind spending more time in the office to clear your work on the eve of a long weekend simply because the boss is not around to disturb you with mundane requests and instructions.

3. Toilet paper

We pamper ourselves with toilet paper printed with the loveliest flower motif and yet we don't think twice before smearing it with the nastiest filth on the planet.

4. Busy

We are so busy that we never stop to say hello to our next-door neighbour of 10 years, yet we never fail to 'Like' or share a post written by a stranger halfway across the world.

5. Bus

You feel miffed that a fellow passenger would sit next to you on a relatively empty bus where there are plenty of seats around. But you feel depressed and lonely when a crowded bus fills up quickly around you except the seat next to you.

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