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Monday, 24 February 2014

Musings on soccer (the English game, not American football)

Fully autographed Manchester United poster from an exhibition match played in Singapore in 2001, embellished with newspaper headlines, ticket and training pass

Soccer is perhaps the only sports that constantly mention two other legitimate sports in the same breath - diving and handball.


After an almost complete clear-out of the long-serving backroom staff of my beloved Manchester United, I began to re-examine where my allegiance lies since the millionaire players come and go as well. And I discover that I'm actually a die-hard fan of the club crest, the mascot and the colour red being the only constant elements over the decade.

Small talk

The foolproof way to prove you are a fool, is to make small talk with your colleague on his soccer team after it was thrashed by its bitter rival. Only the closest friends and fellow die-hard fans can discuss on the agony of defeat. For the rest, I'll recommend sticking to the weather.

Favourite lines

 My family's favourite lines during a soccer match which can all be answered with "the players know ten times better"
1. He should have scored/passed/tackled from his position.
2. One goal cushion is not enough.
3. The goalpost is right in front, why did he aim for the sky?
4. He is marked, why they still pass to him? (For attacking teams)
5. What a stupid goal, why didn't they mark him? (For defending teams)

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