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Monday, 10 February 2014

On love, men and women



Three words that a man can say to his woman in different stages of his life and be happy:

'What's your name?'(one time use only)
'Wanna go out?' (second word interchangeable with 'make')
'Lets get married' (or in Singapore parlance 'Apply for flat? ')
'Let's make baby'(optional)
'I am sorry.' (Compulsory)

Musings on men:

1. A man will never complain if he has only his one favourite soccer jersey to wear for the rest of his life, but replace it with a hundred pieces from rival teams and the man would rather stay topless till he die.
2. A man would gladly chug from an unwashed beer mug passed around by his flu bugs-infested bros, but would not touch one with the slightest lipstick mark with a 10-foot pole.
3. A decade ago, a man would find the missus' obsessive grooming rituals of facial, manicure, pedicure and hair removal incomprehensible, but now would gladly join in the fun.

Musing on women:

1. The girlfriend will proudly deck in matching lovey-dovey outfits with her boyfriend and even post the photo online for all to see, but cry blue murder when her BFF wore the same gown as her in a glam party.
(sorry, only one musing for women, because the rest were not approved by my wife :P)


Last night ,my wife dreamt that I bought her a fake Louis Vuitton bag and she was so furious when she woke up. I felt so bad and I'm determined to dream tonight that I'll wine and dine her and bought her luxury gifts to make up to her, so that i can inform her tomorrow.

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