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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Read all about it in newspapers

Major English newspapers in Singapore


 Clichés in headlines 

An appeal to our local scribes to stop using cliché rhyming headlines since time immemorial like 'Maybe Baby', 'Yummy Mummy', Flower Power’ and ‘Oodles of noodles’. It might not be a piece of cake to think out of the box, but I know good things come to those who wait. I hate to imagine what some ingenious scribe will pen for a Valentine's Day story of a romantic hubby covering the bed with flower petals -"Flower power for maybe baby"?

Reading on the train

When I've finished reading the two free newspapers TODAY and My Paper during my morning commute, it is tough for me to recycle. Leave it in the MRT train like what is practiced in London and be accused of littering? Or hand it back to a fellow commuter or the newspaper dispatcher and get a weird look? For others in the same predicament, I'll suggest recycling it by rolling the paper into a tube in a crowded train and poke your way out from immobile statues blocking at the door.


Is it just me or is the world getting more depressing when you read the papers and find the colourful ads with shiny happy people bring you more joy and perk up your morning instead of the drab black words in a sombre news story. Maybe I should read the H&M catalogue instead every morning.

Special photo

 Photo Straits Times 5 Mar 2013
Kudos to Straits Times for .'preserving photo integrity' in not blurring out the offensive word on the t-shirt of the man in blue in front of the cortege in the story. Click photo to expand.

Astronaut wannabe

7 Feb 2014 TODAY newspaper
Disappointed that TODAY newspaper sent a wrong message by running a front page picture story on a 15-yr-old astronaut wannabe (sweet-looking though), whose inspiration came from 'watching science fiction movies' and 'attending air shows'. Doesn't she know that movies are more fiction than science and air shows are just, well, for show? If she caught any science and space documentaries on Discovery or Nat Geo, she would realise that a space walk is no child's play.

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