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Friday, 21 February 2014

The daily grind

My In & Out Day

1. Sucked in expanding waistline to no avail
2. Squeezed in crowded train staring at foreign workers staring at babes
3. Took in crap from boss who received bigger crap from regulator
4. Tucked in tasteless canteen food and realised I ordered the same shit yesterday.
1. Logged out from my workstation at the end of day and realised I didn't save the draft email.
2. Hang out with my buddies with my hung out gut
3. Let out a sigh of relief that weekend is here but realised I'll have to repeat everything on Monday
4. Over and out. Zzz

I'm fucking busy but I'd rather be busy fucking. The amount of time and energy spent on the former is inversely proportionate to the existence and quality of the latter.

Tucking fired!
Gonna leep like a slog tonight.
Tomorrow is another pay.
I should stop mow since I can't even skype correctly.

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