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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

This Singapore nerd's musings on himself (part 7)

I've been a racist for the past few years due to this arrogant race's global influence and numerical superiority. Indeed, the rest of the world have suffered much. One can only hope that this race- the human race- can change its ways and be a part of the world, rather than on top of it.

I finally couldn't control my emotion anymore and to make matter worse, it happened at the company canteen. My hanky was wet from multiple uses. I tried not to have eye contact with other colleagues seated around me and I couldn't leave my table without making a scene. Luckily nobody approached me to ask whether I'm ok. My ordeal ended when I finished the yummy but damned spicy curry chicken noodle which was making me sweat like a pig!

Crossover movie
Just watched the best Marvel and DC crossover movie with non-stop action with superb storyline. You are right to say that this can only happen in my dream. Can't wait for the sequel tonight. Sorry I only have ticket for one.

Year of the what
I don't understand the fuss on the need to identify the correct animal species for the Year of the Goat/Sheep/Ram. As an animal lover, I love them all the same as goat cheese, mutton soup and lamb chop.
Intimacy: when both hubby and wifey applying facial masks together
Lunacy: when the hubby snapped an unauthorised wefie
Hell's fury: when the wifey realised the pic would be posted on Facebook
Intimacy: when the said photo is now residing in Hell

Chick magnet
Baby is natural chick magnet hence I always behave like one when I'm with my wife. But I've yet to have women hugging me or planting kisses on me. Maybe I didn't drool enough.

More musings on myself. 

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