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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Five musings on National Day Parade 2015

1. Looking at the mobile column with the latest shiny military vehicles on display, I half expect them to transform to Autobots, which might become a reality in SG100.

2. With the default dress code being red, those who didn't have any tops with 'SG' motifs will proudly don their football jerseys from Man Utd, Liverpool or Arsenal.

3. PM Lee is not the youngest minister but he sure is the most fashion-conscious one based on his bespoke red-white shirt that I would buy in a heartbeat from any enterprising blogshops selling replicas.

4. The annual NDP should be renamed as the National Day Play, with it hundreds of cast, dozens of songs,  props, costume, and pyrotechnics in the form of fireworks.

5. The only ones not sporting a smile throughout the entire Parade are the President and PM Lee's bodyguards. Their plain unassuming short-sleeved shirts which served them well in official events, ironically made them stood out in a sea of colourful costumes.

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