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Friday, 7 August 2015

Life's pretty sad ironies (part 2)

1. In our pursuit for a slim bod with gym packages and wearable gadgets, we need to have a fat wallet.

2. To appear taller than others, we often fall short in the department of empathy and respect.

3. We are so eager to jump on the bandwagon for the fastest broadband to cyberspace, that we neglect to take the slow boat in life.

4. We scour the world for the best instagram-worthy dishes that money can buy, but scoff at our mums' tummy-worthy home meals from the kitchen that money can't buy.

5. We dig deep in our pockets to splurge lavishly on the country's golden jubilee while we forget to look deep in our hearts to celebrate intimately the 50th birthdays of our loved ones.

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