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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Words of wisdom (part 4)

For women who want to have a bigger bust, you just need to have a smaller waistline. For men who want to look taller, you just need to surround yourself with shorter buddies. For all who want to look smarter than the rest, just encourage them to blabber non-stop and see them dig a hole for themselves.

There are now two high profile court cases where men paid a high price for saying the wrong things on the wrong people. Hence I've always try to say the right thing to the right person all the time - "you are not fat, honey"

In order not to mess things up, we are told to talk about anything but religion and politics. In order to spice things up with your buddies, you don't need to be told you should talk about nothing but religion and politics.
Life's a bitch when you realised that those models in cosmetics and lingerie advertisements will still look good without the product. But those in skin-care and slimming ads that appear in the 'Before' photos look like they really need lots of help from the product.

Why? Why ask?
Ask? Ask who?
Who? Who gives a shit?
Shit? Shit is the only constant in life, and it will happen.

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