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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

My sick blog post

It is on days like today when I'm sickly pale and green when I think that it is actually not a bad idea for men to have the ability to add some colours with blusher and lipstick to brighten up the mood. Maybe it is just my drowsy medicine talking.

Turning up for work today armed with a medical certificate is like having the proverbial 免死金牌 Death Exemption Medallion. Nobody will dare to give you any work and you can finish the necessary tasks on hand and leave in peace. Though I can't be accused of passing the buck, I'll be passing my germs around to spread the luuuve.

After a week's suffering of blocked nose and not able to fully savour the food I ate, I realised I'm on the road to recovery when I took a deep breath in the packed toilet in my company this morning.

I'm quite embarrassed to note that during the period that I was sick, whenever I looked down, I can see how tiny it has shrunk. No amount of sensual coaxing from my wife was able to excite it and make it large like it usually is. Don't worry tummy, I'm sure my voracious appetite will be back in no time.  


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