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Friday, 19 June 2015

This Singapore nerd's musings on himself (part 8)

I know this day would come when my wife finally left me. The writings were on the wall since the past month but I was too blind to see. Despite much pleading, she still packed her suitcase and left at the crack of dawn so as not to create a scene. On the bright side, now I have the queen-size bed all to myself... at least for the next one week before the wifey returns from her Bangkok business trip.


Sleeping partner
When I sleep, I like to cuddle and feel the warmth and scent of my sleeping partner. There are days when I want to be left alone to get some snooze but still see a head resting on my shoulder despite gentle nudges. I was glad this fellow passenger alighted a few stops before me and I could have some moments of peace before the train reached my station.

I can swear that ‘Fuck’ is perhaps the most versatile word in the English language. It can express happiness (fucking sweet!), sadness (I fucked up!), anger(fuck off), surprise (fuck me), or just simply the act of having sex as a noun or verb in its root meaning. Today is complicated. So I’m feeling ‘What the fuck me up sweet’.

Bathroom scale
My old trusty analogue bathroom scale was beginning to show its age and gave the wrong reading lately with an extra 5kg. I decided to buy a new gleaming digital scale and it too gave the exact wrong reading! What are the odds!?


Movie character
When it comes to movie characters, the oldest that ever graced the silver screen could be the lovable yellow pills that called themselves the Minions, since they exist even before the dinosaurs more than 65million years ago. They are also indestructible immortals in the same league as Thor and other superheroes but without the ego and violent streak. I'd apply to be a Minions' minion in a heartbeat.

More musings on myself. 

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