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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Musings on General Election 2015

I absolutely agree! Top on my list are: slumber party, summer party, durian party and of course birthday party!

In this general election, there are more assassinations committed in the past one week- character-wise, than there were in the past decade, body-wise. And there are more mentions of 'checks and balance' in the past week by people not trained in finance, than there are in an entire accounting textbook.

This election season of mud-slinging, snide sarcastic remarks, posturing and forced smiles could be refreshing for some. But to others I know, it is a daily ritual happening right in their offices. Politician wannabes could learn a trick or two from these veteran strategists or simply catch up on all five seasons of Game of Thrones.


In the coming weeks, strange beings will emerge from the dark and hunt for gullible preys with a wide grin, trying to sweet talk them in selling their souls with empty promises. I'm not talking about the Hungry Ghosts Festival. I'm referring to the election season and everyone above 21 is a target. You've been warned.

In life, we should strive to look at the world without coloured lens and approach all matters objectively - be 'colour-blind'. It is all well and good for political parties to adopt a signature colour to differentiate them from the others. But will they turn blue when asked about green plans or the pink issue? I'll vote for the party that embraces all under the rainbow, so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.


Some of you might be stressed by the coming General Election since you adore all political parties and hate to favour one over the other. You can put a cross on all boxes on your ballot paper to indicate that you a peace-loving Singaporean and just want everyone to live happily together and not fight.


Science teachers can use the general election to teach Newton's third law: for every action from the opposition parties, there is an equal and opposite reaction from the ruling party, and vice versa.

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