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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Five things I've learnt during the 10-day Osaka-Kyoto trip:

1. You can still get food poisoning in a First World country like Japan if you are unlucky like me. Thus it is imperative to have insurance coverage and a flexible itinerary to make last-minute changes. 

2. All shopping malls and shops seemed to be using the same English CD of Xmas songs this December and I've heard the same Beatles Xmas song more than I can remember.

3. Osaka (and I believe the entire Japan consists of 2 worlds: above ground and underground. Not only can you go anywhere via the extensive underground train network, it is also possible to live your entire life not seeing the sun since everything under the sun is available under the ground.

4. We have all heard the saying that there are no ugly women, only lazy ones. I observed that all young Japanese girls are very hardworking following the same template and thus appearing alike...not that I'm complaining.

5. F&B establishments cater to smokers and/or non-smokers But I don't think anyone has looked into the health effects of secondhand smoke on the poor non-smoking wait staff.

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