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Sunday, 3 May 2015

This Singapore nerd's musings on himself (part 6 -photo journal)

While cab-drivers have the misfortune of ferrying vanishing passengers when they bolted without paying, I had the rare fortune of witnessing my disappearing driver yesterday night on my way home. If the driver willingly leaves his vehicle and his day's income with a stranger, it must be for a good reason. 5mins later, he reappeared with a lighter bladder.

Qing Ming Festival- the time of the year when we offer our ancestors the latest in fashion, housing architecture and cars- all made in environmentally friendly paper materials for speedy same-day delivery. The only thing that worries me is the runaway inflation in Hell Bank since we had to send bag loads of cash in astronomical denomination. Perhaps what the underworld need are bankers to manage their finances and that is one thing we have in bag loads here on earth.

I have no need to buy the relaunched Tiger Beer 'original' 1965 can, as this karang guni is a proud owner of an ORIGINAL beer can which happened to be an accidental heirloom from my late grandma. She used it as a piggy bank and stuffed it to the brim with the first Marine series 50-cent and $1 coins, which are the real heirlooms. If you are wondering, none of the items mentioned above are for sale, yet.

Cheap and cute cable ties bought in Johor Bahru. Putting aside the blatant disregard for copyright, the manufacturer's flippant attitude in lumping all comic book superheroes as 'Avengers' is testament to Marvel's dominance in this genre, and the superhuman uphill battle facing DC Comics.

More musings on myself. 


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