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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Three things everyone should never reject, and three things no one should ever accept:

Everyone should never reject:
1.A hug. It will soothe all wounds.
2.A tissue paper from a stranger. He could be hinting to you to wipe off that chilli stain on your cheek which you sported for the past 1 hour.
3.An invitation to be included in a photo. It could turn out to be your most cherished one.

No one should ever accept:
1.A free time-share talk no matter how enticing the sweetener is. You are never gonna recoup 2hours of your life.
2.A lunch/dinner appointment from a long-lost acquaintance to 'catch up', since it will be on the pretext for selling insurance, multi-level marketing junks, borrow money or all 3 of the above.
3.Anything at face value. Question everything and live an enlightened life.

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