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Friday, 7 August 2015

Simi sai SG50

 (Visual of SG50 logo not shown here for your sanity)

The ubiquitous SG50 red round logo has been used/abused, explored/exploited in every way possible. The SG50 logo now stands for Seriously Gratuitous 50 - which is the least number of times you will see it in any given day.

I'm so happy that during this National Day super long weekend, there are so many places Singaporeans can go for free. I encourage everyone especially my neighbours to join in the golden jubilee celebration, so that I can have peace and quiet in the comfort of my home for my movie marathon.

I'm so looking forward to the fireworks, live performances and local entertainment only a true-blue Singaporean will enjoy. I'm not referring to the just over National Day Parade. I'm talking about the upcoming General Election hustings.

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